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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New & Improved....or Maybe Just New!

It has been quite some time since I've had a chance to update anything on this blog. I have been working on some new series and have finished up some old series. I will be trying to get everything updated as soon as possible so that my art is available to be seen by anyone who happens along this blog. In the meantime, I have created a new Etsy shop featuring my newest works of art available as Gallery Wrapped canvases. If you are interested in purchasing those please visit Jayde's Little Corner - Etsy.
One of my new images from the Impressionist Series. Named - Chlorophyll

Monday, July 12, 2010

New ABC Photography Image

The latest in the ABC Photography series is an image created from an interesting find during an exploratory walk around my new town. I hope you like the latest in the series, we are on the letter M and halfway through this series now.

Manifestation -
     I found these interesting metal cubes on a walk and had to take a picture...I am not sure what they are used for, but I did like the asymetry of their positioning. The different colors added to their interestingness.

Be sure to stop by my Gallery for print options, and keep in mind that as of right now, the discounts are still available.

New Flower Series Images

I have been a bit busy planning the move my family and I made last week. It was quite the change for all of us, but I feel we will be better off for it. I have some new images for the Flower Series. Some were created before the move and some after, but they are all very pretty and I hope you enjoy them.

Flower Series 17 -
     This was taken in Texas in my backyard of a Rose of Sharon. I really like the editing on this one as the monochromatic scheme enhances the flower itself.

Flower Series 18 -
     This was also in my yard in Texas, I had a few of these blooming trees (whose name escapes me right now) and the colors were just magnificent.

Flower Series 19 -
     This was from a hibiscus plant in my front yard in Texas, the large bright blooms were always gorgeous and fun to look at. This image required no editing at all, there was nothing for me to do to it to enhance it any more than it already was.

Flower Series 20 -
     This pretty flower I found while on a walk around my new town. I cannot say what type of flower it is, but I liked it right away.

Flower Series 21 -
     The last addition to the Flower Series at this time is this beauty. I found this view in my new town while walking with my daughter and sister. I decreased the saturation then increased it just on the flowers. I then used the Diffuse Glow action to give it the dreamy appearance.

Well, that's all for the Flower Series for right now. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoy taking and editing them. Be sure to visit my Gallery for print options on any of these new images and many more. I still have the discounts running for the time being so get them while you can.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New ABC Photography Images

This series began when I started creating images that didn't really fit into a specific category like the flowers or trees. That's when I had the idea to create a category that goes through the alphabet. As I create these new random images, I think the hardest part is to name them based on the letter I'm at in the alphabet. Sometimes the names just pop out and there's no real problem, but sometimes, it takes some thought to come up with a name to match the image. Don't forget that all the images shown on this blog are available to purchase as prints by visiting my Shop.

Just Around the Bend
     A nostalgic image of my son and Bruno as we were hiking at the lake. I watched them as they walked ahead of me and saw this image in my head (the sepia tone with distressed edges). I couldn't resist snapping the shot.

Keep Out
     People who know me will be shocked by this image, as I have a terrible fear of spiders. That fear, however, does not include their webs. I think spiderwebs are beautiful and a work of art in and of themselves. So long as the spider isn't 'home' I have no problem taking a shot of the web.

Look Beyond
     During the hike at the lake I saw this sight, the lake ahead with reeds, surrounded by the foliage of a tree. I knew this could be a great piece, but I was stumped when I started editing it. That's when I came up with the collage idea. I love to try new things and I like to offer a variety of image styles with my work so I thought this would be a good addition.

New Tree Series Images

I absolutely love trees, which is probably why I dedicated an entire series to just them. I really like these new ones, but then again, I like the old ones too. Don't forget, all the images shown on this blog are available to purchase as prints by visiting my Shop.

Tree Series - 13
     I loved the shape of this tree and the setting around it. I boosted the color some to enhance the greens and blues.

Tree Series - 14
     While processing this image, I tried this color scheme, thinking that I would just undo it and go on to something else. I do that alot when I am creating my digital art. However, I really liked the high contrast and vivid purples that resulted. I couldn't see it working as well any other way.

Tree Series - 15
     I loved the image of this tree as just a standard picture with no enhancements, but as I am an artist, I tried to play around with it to make it even more dramatic. I began trying all sorts of things and found many that looked good, but they did not work for the entire image. That is when I got the idea to split the image and (after a lot of playing around with where to make the split) this was the result. I really like how this one turned out and think it may be my favorite thus far.

New Flower Series Images

Spring is in the air and I have managed to capture some beautiful flowers that are springing up. Remember that all the images shown on this blog are available as prints by visiting my Shop.

Flower Series - 15
     A lovely sprig of Bluebonnets. The state flower of Texas (which is where I live) so I had to add these to the series.

Flower Series - 16
     I am not sure what type of flower this is, but I thought they were very pretty.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Is Here

My roses are blooming! I absolutely LOVE roses, their shape, their colors, and most especially their smell. I was lucky that when I bought my house there were LOTS of roses all over the yard. I have some beautiful pink ones in the back yard that smell just aweome. While I don't care for the color pink much, these roses have to be an exception. Here are some new additions to the Flower Series, I actually debated on starting a series of just roses but decided against it. Enjoy!

 Flower Series 8
Flower Series 9

Flower Series 10

Flower Series 11

Flower Series 12

Flower Series 13

Flower Series 14